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Pathfinder 4 Cart

Push Carts
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Need To Know

Weight:17 LBS.
Folded Dimensions:W 26 x H 16 x H 14

Pathfinder 4 is the new generation of our Micro-Cart®. It folds in two simple steps and has an even smaller folded footprint. New upper and lower bag brackets nest your bag in the cart and work equally well for cart or stand bags.

Did you know we also have accessories for our Pathfinder 4? Check out our universal accessories and our Micro-Cart accessories.

  • Accessory console is designed to hold your cell phone, score card, extra balls and tees. The cell phone holder includes a slot that allows a charging plug to be used when the phone is in place.
  • For additional storage, the cart has a mesh basket and a velour-lined pouch for your electronics and other valuables.
  • Adjustable bungee cords on the upper and lower bag brackets secure the bag to the cart.
  • Tracking system allows for easy adjustment, if needed.


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